Blue Ginger Gift Card


For your BFF in Boston, may we suggest a Blue Ginger Restaurant Gift Card. Head Chef and owner Ming Tsai is a treasured East-West lifestyle champion, and the founder of notable restaurants, Blue Ginger chief among them. He has clearly established his reputation around the Boston metropolitan area and beyond. Your friends in Wellesley and perhaps throughout the Boston metro area will be thrilled to treat themselves to this varied and often evolving menu.

The critics speak words of wisdom “Ming Tsai could have his name splashed all over New York and Vegas by now (like, ahem, a certain Olives chef), but instead he’s continued to focus on ensuring that his Wellesley restaurant remains one of the area’s finest”.

Friends delight in a gift of a restaurant gift card which will allow them to experience a special outing that they might not splurge on ordinarily. Your Bostonian friends will love you for this special outing.

Jeremy Lin Home Jersey

Jeremy Lin Home Jersey

Houston is the fourth largest metro area in the United States and home to the basketball sensation Jeremy Lin. Jeremy Lin is loved around the globe by numerous communities…not just the ones you might typically think of when basketball is on your mind.

An athlete and a scholar, Jeremy Lin is a local hero for Houston, a hero to the Ivy League from whence he was educated, a hero to Asian Americans and Asians all around the world, a downright solid role model to Christians everywhere.

The home town Houston Rockets jersey for #7 Jeremy Lin is bound to be a conversation starter wherever the lucky gift recipient goes

For Texans With Love, Stevie Ray Vaughan Unplugged

Sky Is Crying

Blues legend and the proud child of Dallas, TX, Stevie Ray Vaughan’s life and music will remain culturally relevant for Americans as long as there exists a love of music. Though his life was tragically cut short and was riddled with lifestyle challenges that are not uncommon for those blessed with extraordinary musical talent, this album is a living tribute to the ways Steve Ray touched the world.

People of Dallas and indeed all of Texas should be proud of their native child. If this album is not already in their collection of music, it would certainly be a welcome addition.

Available here

San Francisco Zoo Pass

A membership pass to the San Francisco Zoo is appreciated by families with young children anywhere in the metro bay area, especially by families on the peninsula or in San Francisco proper.sanfranzoo-5931[1]


The San Francisco Zoo is a 100-acre zoo. Now that’s pretty darn big! It is located in the south west corner of San Francisco. It is easily accessible from the peninsula and from San Francisco proper.

If you have friends in the East Bay, we would rather suggest the Oakland Zoo in Oakland CA.

The San Francisco Zoo is known for it’s wonderful monkey exhibit, the insect exhibit, and a tiger grotto which has been updated in recent years for an even better visitor experience.

For the Met’s Fan

For Met's Fans Can’t miss with a David Wright Jersey (Mets Fans Only).  Apart from being an all around spectacular talent that any fan of the game will appreciate, David Wright holds a particular appeal for Mets fans because he has grown up as a part of the Mets family.  Reared as a young superstar through the farm system, David is Mets player through and through.  A rare accomplishment in this era of players whisking off the the highest bidder.  Your Mets fan will truly appreciate this heart felt local gift.