Blue Ginger Gift Card


For your BFF in Boston, may we suggest a Blue Ginger Restaurant Gift Card. Head Chef and owner Ming Tsai is a treasured East-West lifestyle champion, and the founder of notable restaurants, Blue Ginger chief among them. He has clearly established his reputation around the Boston metropolitan area and beyond. Your friends in Wellesley and perhaps throughout the Boston metro area will be thrilled to treat themselves to this varied and often evolving menu.

The critics speak words of wisdom “Ming Tsai could have his name splashed all over New York and Vegas by now (like, ahem, a certain Olives chef), but instead he’s continued to focus on ensuring that his Wellesley restaurant remains one of the area’s finest”.

Friends delight in a gift of a restaurant gift card which will allow them to experience a special outing that they might not splurge on ordinarily. Your Bostonian friends will love you for this special outing.

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